Weekends suck when you are on a diet plan. Why? Simple. There are way too many temptations floating around you and your daily regimen is broken and this makes it easier to consume.

So exactly what do we do if we are FED UP BEING FAT and we need to handle weekends. Step One is to introduce some structure to your weekends. Get up at an affordable time and have a strong breakfast like and omelet and cereal and a cup of coffee/tea. The next important action is to obtain OUT of the home and do something. Anything will do actually like opt for a walk, walk the block, go to the library, whatever it is GET OUT of your home and relocation. This has 2 advantages, one it gets us far from food in the house and 2, motion burns calories. No matter what you do you need to develop Weekend Structure.


The weekends are weightlossmonster.info horrible enemy weight loss if you do not create a “Weekend Weight-loss Structure” that enables you consume at comparable times as your “Weekday Weight-loss Structure”. Be keeping to a regular it enables you to deal with the craving beasts who require to be fed. In the week they understand you will consume at particular times and you have the tools to deal with them and their cravings Monday to Friday. On the weekend they will run riot in your mind so now we need to limit them and convince them to go away. By having “Weekend Weight Reduction Structure” you can tame the yearning beasts and teach them you will keep slimming down. Among the key tools on the weekend when temptations are high is to utilize the mantra “DO I NEED TO EAT THIS?” and the answer will always be “NO!”. When you need to consume something to satisfy the craving monsters feed them:

1. Chewing Gum (Sugar Free).

2. Piece of Fruit.

3. Veggies or.

4. Cup of Soup.

Number 4 is excellent for managing the craving beasts as they have to wait, and waiting they do not like. The more you can make the craving monsters wait the more you will train them to leave you alone. This is a crucial element to altering your lifestyle and losing weight.

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